4th International Conference of Dental Regulators 

Join us in Geneva, Switzerland on May 20, 2016 to discuss and explore new themes emerging in the regulatory landscape.

The 4th International Conference of Dental Regulators will be held in the global city of Geneva, Switzerland, known to host the highest number of international organizations in the world. What a fitting location for the International Conference of Dental Regulators.

Keynote Speakers

Rosalyn Hayles
Director of Scrutiny and Quality
Professional Standards Authority

Joining us from the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) in the United Kingdom is Rosalyn Hayles. The PSA oversees the nine statutory bodies that regulate health professionals in the U.K and social workers in England.

Rosalyn is Director of the Scrutiny and Quality team at the PSA which is responsible for scrutinizing the work of regulatory bodies in the U.K. They do this through the annual performance review of the regulatory bodies, including audits of the initial stages of their fitness to practise processes, as well as considering any concerns raised about the regulatory bodies and reviewing final fitness to practise decisions. Through this work, they identify and share good practice amongst the regulators.

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Presentation Topic
Rosalyn’s presentation will focus on the key messages from the PSA’s recently published report on the U.K.’s General Dental Council (GDC), titled “A report on the investigation into the General Dental Council’s handling of a whistleblower’s disclosure about the Investigating Committee.” Rosalyn will touch upon what led to the investigation into the GDC, the findings of the report, and lessons learned.

André Gariépy
Commissioner for the Recognition of Professional Competence
Office of the Professions, Government of Québec 

André Gariépy is the Commissioner for the Recognition of Professional Competence for the Government of Québec, Canada. He plays an oversight role with regards to professional regulatory bodies’ activities in qualification recognition, including compliance with agreements on trade in services, international mobility and mutual recognition of qualifications.

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Presentation Topic
“Trade and Mobility Agreements: Challenge or Opportunity for Professional Regulation?”

Governments have committed successively to more liberalization of trade in services. More ambitious agreements are expected to be concluded in the near future. This liberalization translates into greater mobility, the need for better qualifications recognition for foreign trained professionals and increased scrutiny on the role and institutions of professional regulation.

Trade and migration are a direct challenge but also an opportunity for regulators. This presentation will demystify the trade liberalization agenda. It will address the specific expectations and impact on professional regulation. It will also provide insights and present a critical and prospective view of the current trade and migration discussions, at regional and global levels.


World Health Professions Regulation Conference

World Health Professions Regulation Conference branding

The International Conference of Dental Regulators is being held the day before the World Health Professions Regulation Conference on May 21 and 22, 2016. In fact, the conference is also taking place in Geneva's Crowne Plaza Hotel, making it very convenient to attend both conferences back-to-back. Not to mention the natural tie-in that benefits attendees of both.

The World Health Professions Alliance is very generously supporting our endeavours to the fullest extent. Visit the World Health Professions Regulation Conference website for more details. 

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Conference Location

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1216 Cointrin, Geneva

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