Vision & Objectives

The ISDR operates exclusively to support dental regulatory authorities worldwide in the achievement of their mandate of protecting, promoting, and maintaining the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards for the dental professions.

The ISDR achieves this purpose through the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • To support dental regulatory authorities worldwide in protecting the public interest by promoting high standards for dental education, licensure, registration, regulation, and professional conduct and facilitating the ongoing exchange of information among dental regulatory authorities.

  • To advocate and promote high standards of dental education, dental practitioner evaluation and assessment, licensure, regulation, dental practice, and professional conduct.

  • To facilitate international cooperation and collaboration among dental regulatory authorities, including establishing a network for the regular exchange of dental licensing, registration, regulatory, and disciplinary information.

  • To provide a forum for the development and sharing of new concepts and new approaches in the regulation of dental practice.

  • To encourage and support research, policy analysis, and policy development related to dental licensure, registration and regulation.