4th International Conference
of Dental Regulators

Conference Highlights

The 4th International Conference of Dental Regulators was a great success!

Participants from all over the globe, including countries such as Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Belgium, Republic of Korea, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, joined us in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss several important topics in regulatory affairs.

Topics addressed at this year’s conference included trade and mobility agreements and their impact on professional regulation; proposed international accreditation standards and dental competencies; and key messages from an investigation led by the Professional Standards Authority, the organization responsible for oversight of health and social care regulators in the U.K.

The conference's keynote speakers – Rosalyn Hayles, Director of Scrutiny and Quality at the Professional Standard’s Authority, and André Gariépy, Commissioner for the Recognition of Professional Competence, Office of Professions, Government of Québec, Canada – gave enriching presentations that were followed by engaging roundtable discussions.

Also, the ISDR Working Group on International Accreditation presented its report on the Dental Accreditation Standards and Dental Competencies. It was agreed that this complex topic and proposed document needs more work and consultation before it can be finalized.

Presentation slide decks can be downloaded in PDF format on the right-hand side of this page. 

Rosalyn Hayles presenting at conference
André Gariépy presenting at conference 

Conference Presentations

Take a look through the presentations from the conference's keynotes speakers.