5th International Conference of Dental Regulators 

Join us London, U.K. to discuss and explore new themes emerging in the regulatory landscape.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jack Gerrow
Executive Director and Registrar
National Dental Examining Board of Canada

Presentation Topic
Dental Education and Licensure in a Global World: Can Competence be Measured?

This presentation will discuss how to determine the need for examinations, including the advantages/limitations, and information from lessons learned in Canada and the U.S. 

Anthony Townsend
Financial Services Complaints Commissioner
Chair of the Regulatory Board of Chartered Certified Accountants
Chair of the U.K. and Ireland Regulatory Board of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Director of Professional Standards Authority

Presentation Topic

This presentation will reflect on how regulators of the professions fit in to the changing societal expectations of professionals. It will cover topics such as: public participation in regulation; the role of governments and employers; separation (or not) of representation and regulation; national vs international, etc.

Antony Townsend will draw on his experience of regulating a number of sectors, including dentistry, and various models of state, voluntary and mixed regulation. 


Matthew Hill
Executive Director, Strategy
General Dental Council

Presentation Topic

The General Dental Council (GDC) have embarked on a significant and long-term program of regulatory reform. Matthew Hill will be discussing “Shifting the balance: a better, fairer system of dental regulation”, the GDC’s strategic approach to shift the balance of activity in dental regulation in the U.K., making the system better for patients and fairer for dental professionals.

The GDC’s vision is a collaborative system in which the issue is dealt with in the right place, delivering the right outcomes for patients and the public at the right cost and within an acceptable timeframe. One in which the very broad range of levers held by various parties across the system – regulators, the professions, providers, educators and many others – provides the agile and proportionate regulation that current legislation and processes do not achieve. Read more about this topic on the GDC’s website

Ania Thiemann

Manager, Global Relations & Competition Assessment
Competition Division
Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED)

Presentation Topic
Disruptive innovation and regulated professions


Dr. Barry Dolman
President, International Society of Dental Regulators
Président, Ordre des Dentistes du Québec

Presentation Topic
Embracing technology and social media in regulation


Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva
President, Portuguese Dental Association

Filipa Carvalho Marques
Director of Legal Department, Portuguese Dental Association 

Presentation Topic
Labour mobility, common measurements for licensing and common challenges in assessing professional qualifications

Dr. Patrick Hescot

Président, Fèdèration Dentaire Internationale (FDI)

Presentation Topic
Collaboration between FDI and ISDR to improve the work of regulatory bodies


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